FV SeleQt, the best of both worlds

Two prominent names have joined forces in FV SeleQt: Flamingo Horticulture and the Best Fresh Group. UK-based Flamingo already had its own production sites in Africa. The company is one of the global players in the international market for tea, flowers, rubber and exotic vegetables. The Best Fresh Group, for its part, has in-house expertise in marketing a full range of fruit and vegetables. The result: a combination that gives the European legume market a major fresh boost.

Europe’s market-leading specialist

FV SeleQt is a company with a mission: to give the legume market an extra boost. There is huge potential for growth in this category – for retailers, wholesalers and foodservice suppliers. This is an ambition that chimes with our position as Europe’s leading specialist in legumes, with the emphasis on fine beans, mangetout and sugar snaps. There is also great potential for growth in herbs and chillies, our two other product lines.

Our own growing sites

By growing all our products at our own sites, we are able to deliver fresh, safe food all year round. For most of the year we source from Africa, with imports from other parts of the world at other times of the year. All products come from growers who receive a fair price for their efforts and are constantly monitored.

Working with year-round programmes

FV SeleQt works with year-round programmes. We search for and find the best possible balance between price and availability based on what you want and what we offer. This means you can count on availability at any time of the year. At the right price.