Growing in Africa and elsewhere

At FV SeleQt we seek out growing areas with the best natural conditions for legumes and herbs. We mainly find these in Africa. The Kenyan plateau has the perfect climate conditions for horticulture. That’s why so many horticultural products come from Kenya – from legumes and herbs to other vegetables and flowers. And the fact that the production sites are in our hands is a big plus. It means we can grow our products to our own -high - standards.

Own sites and outgrowers

Besides our own sites, we also work with outgrowers: growers who also specialise in legumes or herbs but who run their own farms. These outgrowers can be subdivided into individual and group growers. Individual growers chill and select the products themselves, while group growers have shared facilities for these.

Both our own growers and our outgrowers are assured of professional guidance. They are continuously trained to European quality standards. We also monitor quality on an ongoing basis. As a result, we can grow products under African conditions that meet every need!

Elsewhere in the world

For a small part of the year we supplement our range with products from elsewhere. We have more growers of legumes and herbs in South America, the Middle East and Europe. Every one an expert in their own crop. So the quality is the same at every time of the year.