An organisation with two centuries of experience

FV SeleQt is a new company built on the foundations of an existing organisation. Flamingo Horticulture has been at home on the African continent for many years. They know their way around. And they know the culture. The Best Fresh Group has essential expertise that complements this knowledge: selling fruit and vegetables. One plus one makes three: in FV SeleQt we have built an organisation that couples strength with high quality ambitions.

At FV SeleQt we work with our own growers who produce at existing Flamingo sites, mainly in Africa. We leave nothing to chance. The quality standards are the same as in Europe. Every aspect of the crop is monitored – particularly food safety. In addition to our own farms, we also use a number of ‘outgrowers’. These are growers who have their own growing sites but who are permanently contracted to FV SeleQt. They comply with the same high quality requirements.

Origins you can count on

FV SeleQt operates on the basis of programmes. We already have customers for most of what we grow. Attractive for both parties: as a customer you don’t need to worry about reliability of supply, quality or price. Similarly, our growers know that all their products are sold.