Sustainability – not talk but action

Sustainability is intertwined with everything FV SeleQt does. For the two partners, Flamingo and the Best Fresh Group, doing business sustainably has become a matter of course. It starts with the crop. Flamingo is a trendsetter when it comes to measures to save the environment. A couple of examples:
  • Water is recycled on our farms.
  • More research is being done to see how we can reduce our water consumption even further.
  • Flamingo has set up a unique project to improve the ecosystem of Lake Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley.
  • A lot of attention is being paid to energy-saving measures on our farms.
  • Integrated crop protection keeps products free from diseases and pests.
  • Waste is kept to a minimum or separated and reused wherever possible.
We are constantly on the lookout for improvements that will enable us to produce even more sustainably.

Far-reaching measures

The Best Fresh Group too is employing far-reaching measures. Within the group we have successfully introduced geothermal heat as an alternative energy source. Our smart logistics software avoids empty miles during transportation. The miles we do drive are driven ‘clean’ – by trucks fitted with Euro 5 engines.

Better working and living conditions

In Africa we are working effectively on improving working and living conditions. Workers receive fair rates of pay. There is a guaranteed minimum price for products. In addition, our farms in Kenya are Fairtrade certified. We invest some of the profits from these products in various projects ranging from housing to education. So by choosing Fairtrade you too are helping to invest in a better world.