FV SeleQt – at the forefront of Fairtrade

Why should we put up with people not getting equal opportunities in our world? The Fairtrade label is helping to put an end to this inequality. It is a quality mark for products that make fair working conditions a top priority. FV SeleQt embraces Fairtrade certification. Flamingo, our partner in FV SeleQt, has been actively helping people in developing countries for many years. By offering our vegetable range with Fairtrade certification, we make money available for improving their situation.

Implementing projects through Fairtrade

The Fairtrade certificate shows that we take labour standards on our farms and in our packing facilities seriously. Discrimination and child labour are not tolerated. Workers and farmers receive a minimum price for their products. With the extra amount consumers pay in the stores, a lot can be achieved in Africa. A large number of projects have already been implemented in Kenya thanks to Fairtrade certification.