Fairtrade projects from FV SeleQt

Fairtrade projects

  • Various workshops such as training to increase workers’ capacity
  • Literacy projects
  • Funds set up to improve the standard of living for workers
  • Funding for purchasing household items.
  • Funding for various trainings and potential sources of income such as driving, computer skills, hairdressing, accountancy
  • Additional classrooms built to bring pupil numbers back up to a higher level and improve pupil performance
  • Solar panels project: offering an alternative to unreliable local electricity supplies
  • Funding for gas ovens: a more environmentally friendly alternative to charcoal and wood fires

Future plans

  • Building more local schools: secondary schools are often too far away for children to access daily
  • Expanding water-saving projects: improving irrigation systems, replacing water channels, harvesting rainwater
  • Building an extra clinic: improving access to medical care
  • Expanding electricity supplies: most houses have no electricity and use oil lamps for lighting
  • Additional training centres: for computer skills, adult literacy
  • Improving infrastructure: building new roads and improving existing ones