A name to be reckoned with in fine vegetables

‘Fine Vegetables’ is what the letters FV in our name stand for – for instance fine beans, mangetout and sugar snaps. It is a product category which has good growth prospects. In many European countries there is still plenty of scope for growing the market for these products. With a reliable supplier of safe, fresh products, you can get a head start. And not just in wholesale but with the consumer too, because the consumer sees legumes as a healthy ingredient. Did you know that legumes are high in fibre, folic acid and calcium?

Continually extending our range

Consumers love novel foods. That’s why we are out there searching for them. An example? Hand-shelled peas are not an everyday product. Or take bimi (tenderstem broccoli), a cross between broccoli and Chinese kale that is 100% edible. With FV SeleQt you’re opting for a constantly growing product range.

Fine beans

Extra fine beans

Helda beans

Baby salad onions


Baby corn

Runner beans

Purple mangetout

Sugar snaps

Bimi / Tenderstem broccoli

Bobby beans

Wax beans