More convenience with prepared vegetables

Convenience counts. As a retailer or wholesaler, with prepared vegetables from FV SeleQt you are meeting the needs of customers looking for convenience. As supplier to the foodservice sector, you can save yourself time. That’s why our products are also available washed and ready to use. It goes without saying that all this is done under strictly controlled conditions. We can produce many different mixes of prepared vegetables in order for you to meet the needs of those customers who like to combine. Also handy for using immediately or eating raw.

Runner beans - diamond cut

Petit pois

Fine beans, bimi & mangetout

Hand shelled peas & sliced carrots

Bimi, red cabbage, sliced carrots & sugar snaps

Runner beans - traditional sliced

Bimi & sliced carrots

Fine beans & peas

Sugar snaps, sliced carrots & bimi

Sliced carrots, fine beans, butternut squash & bimi

Hand shelled peas

Bimi & runner beans

Bimi, peas & runner beans

Bimi, carrot, red cabbage & mangetout